Going to a Funeral in China? Try to Keep Your Clothes On, Says Ministry of Culture

If you’re going to a funeral in China, please keep your clothes on and avoid giving a lap dance to the casket of the deceased.

The Ministry of Culture last month announced a crackdown on “obscene, pornographic and vulgar performances” at funerals and weddings after stories of wild send-offs involving naked women groping mourners and pole dancing at rural gatherings made headlines.

The Ministry has even set up hotlines in Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Hebei for the morally outraged to drop a dime should they encounter any outlandish displays of nudity at Grandpa’s gravesite.

This is not the first time authorities in China have targeted the practice of hiring “funeral strippers.” As recently as 2015, after pictures of a stripper removing her top at a funeral in Hebei circulated on social media, the Ministry of Culture released a statement stating that “obscenity and vulgarity” had no place at funerals and pledged to put an end to the practice.

Hot take: it is difficult convincing men to not look at naked women exposing themselves suggestively in public.