Will Beijing Enforce the New Restrictions on Traffic and Parking in the Hutongs?

After a year of steadily taking away all our nice things, the Municipal government has decided to throw us a bone. Xinhua is reporting that Beijing will ban motorized vehicles from hutongs as part of the city’s general clean-up-the-core campaign. Motorized vehicles – which includes motorcycles (no word on electric-powered vehicles) – will be banned from parking in streets narrower than five meters. Streets less than nine meters across will be restricted to one-way traffic only.

This is great news. This is f***ing outstanding news. This is news along the lines that Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte are both resigning their offices to start a dating app for would-be dictators with body hair issues. I am all for this. Slow clap for the Municipal government. Come on! Who’s with me? 1-2-3 Clap…….Clap…..Clap…Clap..Clap. Clap.Clap.