Audio: Restored Jade River tells some of the early history of Beijing

Recently the restoration project of the Jade River (yuhe) has been completed allowing a beautiful walk through history. Canals were fundamental in the early growth of Beijing - one of the world's earliest planned cities.

Bruce is walking and talking with Beijing historian Jeremiah Jenne. As they follow the banks of this beautifully restored waterway they come to platforms rising above the water. There there are a series of excellent murals depicting the story of the Grand Canal This actual waterway flowed from Shichahai's Front Lake (Qianhai) to the eastern side of the former Imperial City and into the grounds of the Forbidden City just north of today's Chang'an Avenue. It was however connected via a series of other canals with the Grand Canal. Sailing vessels brought goods north from Hangzhou eventually to Jishuitan where cargo was transferred onto smaller barges for the final journey.