Audio: From leading tours in Beijing to taking groups to Pyongyang

Jeremiah Jenne has been associated with Beijing's famed Hutong Cultural Exchange Centre. Jeremiah moved on to leading historic, detailed walking tours of Beijing. He has acquired a very good reputation for his walks and knowledge of places such as the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and many of the city's older districts.

Recently his work has expanded into an international context. He has now led two groups to the DPRK, North Korea, for Beijing-based Koryo Tours. This country is attracting a growing number of western visitors fascinated by it - indeed Jeremiah tells of one person in a group who had been over 12 times.

Jeremiah talks of the arrangements for travel from Beijing - usually groups fly there but some prefer to take the train. He talks about some of the visits they made and of the great food, which naturally has good helpings of kimchi.